What I offer and what I do.

What I offer -

I consider myself a hybrid industrial designer, let's give it a broader name and call it visual communicator. Though I have Industrial Design training, the demand for technical illustration and concept art for products became my primary work. Illustration was also a significant portion of my business and all of the tools and techniques I developed I use on a pretty equal basis.

My specialty is getting ideas and visions on paper so they can be sorted out, discussed, refined and communicated. My work is often involved through the whole process of taking a product to market from Patent drawings to marketing graphics and everything in between.

Though most of my career has been independent, I worked in house for a few different companies with vastly different business models. I have also imported product for retail, so I have a pretty broad knowledge of



often find myself educating my customer about how design fits into the big picture and why it matters. I hope you'll take a min or two to read the following so you understand why I as questions that you may think are

Depending on if you're an upstart or an established growing business that is reaching out for design help, it's very helpful for "me" as an independent designer to understand how my efforts fit into your system. After 25 + years of design both independently and in corporate settings, I know how everything is connected and how the business model affects Design. I've seen both aggressive and deliberate business models. I've also worked within the walls of a large compartmentalized company.  Point is that each one functions quite differently. There is no one standard for all.